Highgate Common 28.11.14

Enjoyed my walk over The Common today.  Observed 3 new specimens, 2 Fungi/Mold, and one new Invertebrate. Also got to see a Redpoll, and photographed my 1st Reed Bunting on Highgat

Tree Damsel Bug, note it was on one of the insect signs again…..

IMG_7203 IMG_3465

This fungi i nearly passed, being so small, i thought it was bird faeceses. Its called…..


IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3474

At the moment this Fungi/Mould is unidentified. At first glance i didn’t realise there was any sought of texture to it, even when i observed close up, still looked flat with my eyes. Wasn’t till i looked at the results of the Macro lens, that i was amazed at how it really looked,loved the hairy area at the bottom…..

Unidentified Fungi/Mold….


My 1st record photo of a Reed Bunting on Highgate Common….


A selection of the other birds from my walk today. Blackbird, Blue Tit, Coal Tit and of course a Robin.

IMG_3461     IMG_3461    IMG_3462

IMG_3458 IMG_3463


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