Sunset on Highgate Common! 2.12.14

With the hours of daylight getting shorter, it gets harder for me to get home from work, and get over The Common. But with it being so sunny today, I decided to try my luck. So glad i did, the light at times was magical! Looking Eastwards over Highgate Common, the Moon was out early! IMG_3564 IMG_3566IMG_3567 Carrion Crow being lit up by sunset… IMG_3558 Green Woodpecker enjoying the last bit of sunlight. IMG_3577 My favourite photo of the day, just loved how the sunlight lit up the Heather… IMG_3570 Sunset on Highgate Common…. IMG_3571 IMG_7751 Common Buzzard.. IMG_3561 Although its not ideal light or conditions for invertebrates, I think I’m hooked on late sun light photography. Must do this more often. Usually an early morning/afternoon photographer. Really enjoyed my hour or so walk this afternoon!


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