2014 Odonata Highlights…..

Like Moths this is another subject I could have spent hours posting the many photos i took this year. Firstly I’ll kick off with Common Darters (must have taken 100+ photos of these this year)….. photo 2 Image 77 This was a highlight, my first ever Brown Hawker empty lava case…. photo 5 Not a great photo, but its my first record photo of a Black-tailed Skimmer…. photo 2 Migrant Hawker, another species I seemed to get good numbers of photos of this year… Image 3 The next three photo’s although not the best, mainly because of the situations, e.g. Light and Speed, and also this Numpty getting the wrong camera settings…But I do like these….

Top – Large Red Damselfly and Common Blue Damselfly

Middle – Common Darter and Large Red Damselfly

Bottom – Banded Demoiselle with prey…. photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 Southern Hawker… Image 79 Ruddy Darter…. Image 16 Broad-bodied Chaser…. Image 29 Finally, I think a real highlight, especially since they had not been recorded on Highgate Common for 10 years….The Black Darter…. photo 5 photo 1 Already looking forward to next years Odonata search!

Next Time…2014 Highlights of other Arthropods.


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