Arthropods Highlights 2014

The Arthropods were by far my biggest photographed subject this year. In fact I think if I posted them all I would probably not see the Christmas Holiday. So here are just a few of my best and most interesting ones (well for me).

Loved the beauty of this Dead-nettle Leaf Beetle… IMG_9270 An ambition in 2015 is to see the illusive Bog Bush Cricket. I’ve tried ages to see one. I did manage to see a Speckled Bush Cricket….. Image 4 For me this is a real stunning creature, with that skull shaped head and those eye like orange spots on its back. Its called a Nomada lathburiniana.IMG_8869 Leaf Beetle (Sermylassa halensis)…. photo 2 I think this might be my best macro photos this year (Roll year.. when I should get my Canon MP-E65 f2.8 1-5X Macro lens) This is a Phasia hemiptera…. Image 36 Hornets, these gave me some good photo opportunities this year. Note the SWT Barn Owl nest box being used as a Hornet Nest Box. Found it interesting how they hang off things (in this case a berry) using its legs and wings, while it eats its prey…bottom photo… Image 54 Image 55 Image 127 Image 26 I found this a really interesting subject – 3  Hoverfly Mimics… Top – Volucella bombylans, a Red-tailed Bumblebee Mimic. Middle – Volucella bombylans, a White-tailed Bumblebee Mimic. Bottom – Volucella inansis, a Hornet Mimic. photo 4 photo 4 Image 8 2 species of Longhorn Beetles… Top – Two-banded Longhorn Beetle Bottom – Four-banded Longhorn Beetle… IMG_8847 photo 4 This Small Solitary Bee took ages to ID, but it finally did, its a well worn or ageing MegachileImage 40 An everyday species now, but I’ve never appreciated the beauty of a Common Earwig before. This one was sitting on top of one of the many insect signs on Highgate Common…. Image 30 A little bit rarer than the normal Cardinal beetle, this one is called the Black-headed Cardinal Beetle.. IMG_8832 Really getting into Sawflies now, this species is the Green Sawfly (Rhogogaster viridian)…. IMG_9239 If you have time look this beetle up, and read about its gruesome lifestyle. This one only has 3 mites on it, but they can usually be totally covered with them (Nightmare Stuff). Its called a Sexton Beetle.. photo 3 What a great name for this species of beetle. Its the aptly named  – Thick-legged Flower Beetle… Image 8 Noon Fly… photo 4 This is a very small Sap Beetle… IMG_8868 Finally – not everyones favourite creatures, but here are 2 spider species, both on the Heather. I think they are both Beauties myself…. Top – Orb Weaver Spider (Araneae). Bottom – Spider (Metellina segmentata/mengei)…. Image 26 Image 27 Hope you enjoyed just a small flavour of my Arthropod photos. I know I had many hours of pleasure this year taking them. Next time 2014 Butterfly Highlight


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