2014 Butterfly Highlights

With the butterfly highlights, I’ve decided to put all the species I managed to photograph. With so many photos, I will do less talking and let the photos speak for themselves.  I will ID species and the odd comment, where I felt there was something to say.

Small Skipper…  

photo 4

Large Skipper…

photo 2

 Essex Skipper….
photo 5

Orange Tip….


Just loved the Goaty on this Gatekeeper…

Image 4

Small White….


Brimstone…. my 1st good photo of this species.



IMG_9311 IMG_9374539096_478213595522535_130810254_n

Green Hairstreak, The Caterpillar took me a while to ID, but I did manage to get there eventually!

IMG_9358 photo 2


photo 4

Not the typical Red Admiral photo, but i quite like this side view.

photo 3

Brown Argus, with its figure of eight on the underwing…

photo 4

Small Tortoiseshell…

Image 1

White Admiral…  (Glad my friend Bob finally got to see one this year)..

photo 4 photo 5

Love this photo of a Comma…

Image 1

Green-veined White…

Image 12

Meadow Brown…

Image 19

Large White, with its pale yellow underwing….

photo 2 photo 3

Took my first ever photos of  Marbled Whites this year. There were several seen this year on the Common, this photo was about my 5th photo, and my 4th I’d spotted..

photo 4

This was also a 1st (not the species) but my 1st Purple Hairstreak with its wings open. Shame it was well worn, but thats life…

Image 31

Small Copper… loved the dew on the stem of the Willow-herb in this photo…

Image 5

My one and only Painted Lady this year…

Image 42

Speckled Wood…

Image 20

Small Heath…

Image 44

Lastly a Common Blue…


25 species photographed altogether, really pleased with my efforts this year!

Enjoyed posting some of my highlights, its made me realise what a great year of Wildlife I’ve had the pleasure of seeing over Highgate Common.

Next time Plants/Flowers and Tree Highlights!


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