It was a Frosty -3ºC this morning when I arrived on Highgate Common, I do believe the coldest temperature this winter. Unluckily this gave me nothing exciting to photograph with my new Macro Lens. I did take these frosty photos, but on the normal settings on the new lens… IMG_3780 IMG_3781 IMG_3782 Noticed this Blue Tit checking out a Nest Box. This used to happen in my back garden this time of year. They aren’t checking out the possibilty of nesting. They are usually looking for small insects which are sheltering from the cold weather. IMG_3749 Got closer views of the Redpolls today, there still seems around the 50 mark. Love how Redpolls, like a few other birds hang upside down to eat… IMG_3753 IMG_3758 Most of my time today was spent watching a Female Kestrel hunting on Goldie Heath. I was tucked away in the trees, and the Kestrel seemed unaware I was there. I stood perfectly still for about an hour on the frosty grass, and my feet were frozen. Who forgot their thick socks this morning??? The Kestrel flew from tree to tree, and quite close at times. I was preying for either a hover or prey kill in the beautiful light to the North. I didn’t get the hover. But I was really lucky to see her catch some prey in poorer light. The light towards the East was bright and the heath had a frosty mist over the heather, but I think these conditions added to the magical life and death event. Hope you enjoy these Kestrel photos, and it gives you a flavour of my hour of anticipation for these last 3 photos. But without the frozen feet……

IMG_3763 IMG_3766 IMG_3767 IMG_3770 IMG_3772 IMG_3777 IMG_3778 IMG_3779

P.S. I think the Kestrel caught a Field Vole, by the look of the shape and its small tail.


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