Flora Highlights 2014

Now for a weak subject of mine…Trees/Plants and Flowers. But I have learnt quite a bit this year! Yet again way to many photos to post all of them, so I’ll keep it short. Also only Identify and Comment when I need too.

Managed to see two Orchids this year…

Top – Pyramidal Orchid

Bottom – Southern Marsh Orchid…

Image 3


Found this Fox and Cubs in the meadow doing the Butterfly survey.

photo 5


photo 5

Love this flower, reminds me of little lanterns, its called Cross-leaved Heath…

photo 2

Quite a lot larger than the usual Dandelion Clock, this is called a Goats Beard….

photo 2

Had an education on these next two Rushes. I thought they were the same plant turns out they are different.

Top – Compact Rush with ridges/lines on the stem.

Bottom – Soft Rush with smooth stem….

photo 3 photo 4

Ribwort Plantain…

photo 1

Greater Plantain also known as Rats-tail Plantain…

photo 3

I think this was my favourite flower I found this year. Its name is Dark Mullein…

Image 5

Tufted Vetch (Vicia cracca)…

Image 6

Musk Mallow….

Image 1

I had heard of the bird Redshank, but never knew there was a plant called Redshank…


Purple Loosestrife by the lower pool…

Image 11

Lovely little flower Hedge Woundwort, but I was told by Adam the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust warden to crush its leaves in the hand, and have a smell. Turns out the smell is vile, like an old Wound…

photo 3

and the Smelly Crushed Leaf….

photo 1

and finally a couple of special Tree Trunks from Highgate Common…

Image 5

Alder Smiling Tree…


Next time 2014 Highlights of Fungi and Moulds.


2 thoughts on “Flora Highlights 2014

  1. Linda says:

    The beauty of Mother Nature!! Amazing, how many beautiful plants are growing in the wild! Andy, are there much plants, which you took photos of, you had never seen or heard of?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda, its a subject that I’ve never bothered to put names to before! So although i had seen a lot of them before, I did not know their names. A perfect example of this…is Giant Plantain or Rats-tail Plantain..I’ve seen this loads of times, but never knew it’s name.


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