After waking up feeling a bit unwell, I thought a good walk over Highgate would blow the cobwebs out my system. Only managed a 2 hour walk, but it seemed to work. Feeling much better now. Anyway back to the wildlife I saw today! After seeing my very first Invisible Spider a week or so ago, I managed to see a male and female today. I took my new lens and ring flash, and without the ring flash these photo’s would have been impossible, it was that dark in the wood. So the ring flash looks like a good addition to my kit… IMG_3870 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 I wonder if mankind got the idea for rope from Nature? IMG_3853 Now for the usual birds I see on my walks, but always worth a look…. Coal Tit.. IMG_3854 Blue Tits… IMG_3856 IMG_3857 Great Tit… IMG_3860 Robin… IMG_3858 Chaffinch… IMG_3859 Buzzard… IMG_3861 Mistle Thrush.. IMG_3862 This Slug never opened up, waited ages, but no luck… IMG_3867 The next photo is my best with the new lens. Not good light, but being hand held and how small this fly actually was, I’m quite happy! This is a Heleomyzidae (Tephrochlaena halterata), note its drinking a dirty water droplet… IMG_3863 To show the scale of previous fly photo, this is the same species Heleomyzidae (Tephrochlaena halterata), hiding in the Lichen… IMG_3864


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