Not much about today.

Highlight of the day was photographing this Marsh Tit, slightly rarer than the other Tit species….

IMG_3881 IMG_3883

Now this was hard to photograph, at first I thought it was Jellydisc fungi, but on closer examination its not Jellydisc. Firstly it was half the size, and secondly it has stems. But I did manage to identify this fungi. Its called Arcyria denudata, a very small Slime Mould species.


This old tree trunk with these old Bracket Fungi looked quite odd…


Two more 7 Spot Ladybirds sheltering from the winter conditions..

IMG_3888 Great Tit and Coal Tit…

IMG_3880IMG_3879 Not 100% on this identification, but I think it could be a Gypsy Cuckoo Bee. Still waiting for confirmation on this…



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