Fungi, Lichens and Mould Highlights.

This was another tricky subject for me, but I soon added a small mirror to my kit to aid in identification. The times I was asked for either the stem or gill shots of the underneath. Learnt the mirror trick off Chris Packham, so not to disturb the Fungi. Mind you using a mirror was very time consuming, with loads of over-exposed shots. So lets start posting….

Three Mould Species…

Top – Slime Mould

Middle – Toothpaste Mould

Bottom – Scrambled Egg Mould…

IMG_9941 IMG_9943 photo 4

Tawny Grisette…


I’ll keep this to its politically correct name of Wood Ear…


Black Foot Polypore, I think this may gets its name from the appearance of black soil it stands in…


Found Witches Butter everywhere on Highgate Common this Autumn/Winter…


Two Puffball species now…

Top – Common Puffball

Bottom – Dusky Puffball…

Image 39 Image 42

This was by far the biggest species of fungus, I’ve ever seen. Its called Giant Polypore, good name I think. Tried to give scale by my hand…

Image 65 Image 69

Black Bulgar, I took this photo on 28th of September, I noticed Saturday just gone (20.12.14) it was still looking really healthy….

Image 121

Candle Snuff Fungus…

Image 16

This for me, was the highlight of this topic. Loved its beauty and almost Coral appearance. This is Reindeer Lichen, it gets its name from the fact Reindeers love it. Apt for the time of year…

Image 5

King Alfred’s Cake, very useful if dry for Tinder and Fire Lighting..

Image 61

Yellow/Apricot Club…

Image 73

Shaggy Ink-cap, this gets its name from the fact as it gets older, it drips Ink Like droplets from its cap. Didn’t get any drip photos, but I did get a photo of the ageing process…



Stinkhorn, the smell/stink attracts the flies…


I will always remember this fungi, Its name is The Deceiver… It certainly deceived me, as I was taking it, a Common Frog crawled over my hand, and scared me half to death…


Now for two very attractive Gill photos…

Top – Crepidotus, attached to a Bramble stem.

Bottom – Bitter Oysterling…

IMG_3194 IMG_3533

Thats the end of this years highlights. But I’ve enjoyed every second that I spent on Highgate Common in 2014….Already looking forward to 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from


One thought on “Fungi, Lichens and Mould Highlights.

  1. Linda says:

    Great photos again, very interesting subject! Never would have known there’s so much to tell about this! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you too Andy! Thanks for sharing all this beautiful moments, already looking forward what you will show us next year!!


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