28.12.14. A Frosty -3ºC Today.

Saw good numbers of Redwing today, also heard the Tawny Owl screeching!

Just a few of the Conditions I encountered on my walk round the Common Today…

IMG_4061 IMG_4054


I always think Bramble, although a nuisance, and believe me.. carrying two camera’s round, the main reason I trip up loads of times,,,I still think its an eye catching plant at certain times of the year. Love the blood red stem…

IMG_4044 IMG_4029

I would imagine this distant Green Woodpecker was having a hard time digging for food…


Distant Jackdaws..

IMG_4032 Heather in the frost…


I think this is about my 4th time I’ve noticed Flowers by the Top Pond, and always by the same tree . I always wonder why?

IMG_4045 IMG_4046

The Holly is now in Berry…


I would guess a Female Pheasant was on the menu for a Buzzard. Found these feathers under the tree I took a photo of a Buzzard scanning the meadow a few weeks ago…


Two as yet unidentified Lichens…

Update on Bottom photo. Its not actually a Lichen, its a Moss.

its called Common Feather Moss.

IMG_4048 IMG_4049

Talking of Unidentified wildlife. I took a better photo of the Jellydisc like fungi from yesterday! This time it was identified much quicker. Its called Beech Jellydisc…


Also went over to see if the Scarlet Elf Cup was doing ok. I had a shock to see the frost had made it deep into the wood. I do hope it survives this frost attack. Also I wanted to show how dark it is where this Scarlet Elf Cup was growing. I would not stand a chance without my new Ring Flash…


And finally a few of the usual birds….

Robin getting a few sun rays…


Marsh Tit, got to see two together today..

IMG_4034 Just made me wonder if this Buzzard had Pheasant for Christmas Dinner…



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