Great day today, lovely and sunny, and quite mild.

(+) = New Bird Species to Year List..

List for today:- 7 Great Tit, 2 Carrion Crow, 4 Magpie, 10 Jackdaw, 6 Wood Pigeon, 2 Wren (+), 4 Robin, 1 Peregrine Falcon (+)(Photo), 2 Coal Tit, 1 Nuthatch (+)(Photo), 2 Blackbird, 7 Blue Tit, 1 Great-spotted Woodpecker (+), 1 Green Woodpecker, 2 Dunnock (+), 1 Mistle Thrush (photo), 4 Chaffinch, 2 Marsh Tit. That makes 24 species of bird in two days on Highgate Common. I know its not Minsmere, but I love a challenge.

Other Flora and Fauna noted:- 1 Tree Slug (photo). 1 Unidentified Midge (Crap Photo) LOL. Bank Haircap (Photo), 1 Unknown Fungi/Mould (Photo), Cup Lichen (Photo), Orthotrichum Sp. (Orthotrichun) (Photo), Common Cord Moss (Photo), Black Bulgar (Photo).

Loved the light on this Bank Haircap… IMG_4187 First Nuthatch of the year. This one was hammering away at a nut, which gave its position away…. IMG_4200 The Black Bulgar is dying now. I like how it seems to leave a dark ghost like shadow of itself… IMG_4195IMG_4194 Magpie’s need to keep those tail feather in good condition, being so long… IMG_4197IMG_4196 Always love to see patches of Common Cord Moss… IMG_4192 IMG_4193 I think this is a Tree Slug, but it looks darker than normal, so I’ll try to make sure… IMG_4190 Went back and had a look at the Cup Lichen, still no cups yet… IMG_4189 Noticed these Bullrush type growth on this Orthotrichum Sp. (Orthotrichum)… IMG_4222 After seeing good numbers of Thrush yesterday, I only saw one today. A Mistle Thrush high up in a tree, as soon as it saw me, gave out that rattle type alarm call, and flew off… IMG_4223 I swear one day I will get a good flying Midge photo, to date this is my best (Rubbish) but my best… IMG_4188 Now for the highlights of the day. First of all I found this as yet unidentified Fungi/Mould… UPDATE:- This Fungi is called… Jellyspot Fungi (Dacrymces stillatus). IMG_4185 IMG_4186 Now for the real highlight for me, it all started when I noticed the small Jackdaw flock shoot out of the field north of the meadow. The same field the Thrushes were in yesterday. At the same time I also noticed all the Wood Pigeons shot out the trees opposite, and also noticed loads of Bird alarm calls. Over the years I’ve learnt the Blue Tit alarm call usually means bird of prey. This is the Jackdaws flying for their lives… IMG_4198 Then in the distance, and shooting down the sheep bank I noticed what I first thought was a large female Sparrowhawk. But as it got closer, and my lens focused in, I knew I had a Juvenile Peregrine Falcon. It did miss its intended target a Wood Pigeon that was close to where the Jackdaws had fled from. But I was so happy when it flew back up, and straight over my head, into Highgate Common wood. Brilliant…. IMG_4219 IMG_4220IMG_4204 IMG_4208IMG_4203 IMG_4207IMG_4221IMG_4201IMG_4210IMG_4202IMG_4212 What an Absolutely Fantastic Experience, and My First Peregrine at Highgate Common!!!


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