4th January 2015.

When I arrived on The Common today it was -2ºC and also heavy Mist/Fog, so I wasn’t very excited about the chances of seeing much. How wrong I was….

I added 8 more bird species to my Highgate Common year list:- 2 Collared Dove, 2 Yellowhammer (photo), 1 Sparrowhawk (female), 2 Bullfinch, 1 Pheasant (photo), 1 Treecreeper (photo), 4 Goldcrest (photo), 1 Goldfinch (photo). That takes me to 32 for the year!

Other Flora and Fauna:-

Birch Polypore (photo), Cucumber Spider (photo), Yellow Cellar Slug (photo), Soft Rush (photo), and Holly (photo).

Firstly some of the frosty scenes round and about today. The sheep are a new addition east of the Common. Could have done with a coat like that today….

IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4264

Holly with frost…


Felt a bit sorry for this dead Yellow Cellar Slug (Limacus flavus), but it was so close to cover, before it got frozen. Even its normally slimy trail had froze…

IMG_4289 IMG_4290

I never see many Goldfinches at Highgate Common, yet they are the commonest bird in my garden these days…


Took a close look at the stem today, before I identified this Frosty Soft Rush…


Treecreeper, first of the year…


Not a great photo, but I now know what Goldcrests are searching through the trees for. It seems to be searching the small spider web….


Still 3 Marsh Tit…


I think this is a part of nature I may never get a photo of. But I do hope the Bat Boxes are successful…


Had to laugh at this male Pheasant running off across the frosty field, after spotting me….


Did not expect to see a spider out on a day like today, but in the woodland it seemed a few degrees warmer. This is a Aranielle-curcurbitina/opisthographa, or its common name:- Cucumber Green Spider…


Birch Polypore…


Highlight of the day, was seeing this beautiful Yellowhammer add a bit of Sunshine Yellow, on a Frosty White over Highgate Common….


Not great photo’s but this Chaffinch was never still, mainly because of its bad limp. This is the first Chaffinch I’ve seen over the Common with Fringilla Papillomavirus. But nationwide I know this is getting more common. I really hate to see wildlife suffer….

IMG_4270 IMG_4271


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