When I arrived at HC my car temperature said 2.5ºC, but believe me it felt way colder. Added a new bird to the HC Year List, A pair of Mallard flew over. Other birds seen:- 2- Marsh Tit (photo), 4- Blue Tit (photo), 5- Chaffinch, 1- Jay, 2- Carrion Crow, 1- Pheasant, 1- Magpie, 2- Wood Pigeon, 5- Great Tit, 2- Coal Tit (photo), 1- Blackbird, 3- Robin (photo), 1- Dunnock, 4- Jackdaw, 1- Buzzard. 39 species.

It must be tuesday, Work Party Day….


Going to be a very interesting few weeks, when the work finally starts. I will have to change my route while work is undertaken. But long term, I really believe this needs doing….


With only a few hours over HC this afternoon, only managed to get photos of the usual suspects…

Its a funny time of year for this Blue Tit to be losing its beautiful blue crown feathers…


Marsh Tit….


Coal Tit…


This Robin was working hard, to keep its Red Breast clean. Does anyone else think it looks like a heart shape, when its cleaning its breast. That because everyone loves Robins. Just wish they would learn to love each other. They never eat the food I put down, way to busy fighting for the right to eat. By the time they finish, its all gone anyway!

IMG_4450 IMG_4457 IMG_4454


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