Bird count today:- 2- Coal Tit (photo), 2- Great Tit, 4- Blue Tit (photo), 1- Blackbird, 2- Song Thrush (photo), 1- Carrion Crow, 10+ Long-tailed Tits, 2- Chaffinch, 2- Robin (photo), 1- Dunnock, 2- Marsh Tit, 1- Buzzard (photo), 1- Wood Pigeon, 1- Skylark.

Always a pleasure to hear a Skylark singing way up in the sky. This one was floating over the meadow…

IMG_4636 Not sure if this nest box is in the path of the New Heathland corridor. So I hope this Blue Tit is just looking for a tasty insect wintering in the nest box….

IMG_4650 Not a great photo, at this stage of the morning the wind was blowing this Buzzard all over the place. The reason I used this photo, was to say this is the Lightest Morph Buzzard I’ve seen for ages….

IMG_4628 Just to show how windy it got, it gave this poor Robin a Parting. Its hard to get sharp photos in such windy conditions…

IMG_4663 Coal Tit, at least this was a bit sharper…

IMG_4657 Lovely to see 2 Song Thrush this morning! This is a bird I used to see regularly in my own garden. I still put the loss down to Damn Slug Pellets, which I do not use now…



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