Most of the birds today were seen by the Wardens Office, decided to take a longer look, to see what was turning up. Wardens Office Birds:- 5- Blue Tit (photo), 4- Great Tit (photo), 1- Pheasant, 1- Jay, 1- Great-Spotted Woodpecker, 2- Goldfinch (photo), 4- Coal Tit, 2- Robin, 7- Chaffinch, 1- Blackbird, 1- Nuthatch (photo), 1- Dunnock, 1- Magpie.

Other areas of HC birds:- 1- Marsh Tit, 1- Bullfinch, 3- Black-headed Gull, 5- Redpoll, 2- Carrion Crow, 6- Fieldfare, 10+ Wood Pigeon.

The Scarlet Elf Cups look quite large now (approx 1 inch dia.) I also found another 2. liked how there is water in the cup on this photo…


Two unidentified Tree Galls…

IMG_4683 IMG_4691

Black-headed Gull…

IMG_4680 Nuthatch…


Goldfinch…Blue Tit, and a pale looking Great Tit…


IMG_4689 So thats the last day of January in 2015. Lets see what February and the new Heathland Corridor brings.


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