First Day of February!

Sunny but Cold Day!

Although the bird list seems quite good, it was a very quiet day. Bird List Today:- 5- Carrion Crow, 1- Mistle Thrush 70+ Fieldfare (on farmland to the north), 1- Bullfinch, 4- Buzzard (displaying) +1- by the Wardens Office (photo), 1- Green Woodpecker (photo), 1- Great-spotted Woodpecker, 6- Long-tailed Tits (photo), 2- Robin, 2- Great Tit, 4- Blue Tit, 2- Marsh Tit, 1- Coal Tit, 1-Jay, 3- Wood Pigeon, 1- Nuthatch, 1- Wren, 1- Song Thrush, 2- Blackbird, 2- Chaffinch, 1- Kestrel, 1- Magpie (photo).

Male Green Woodpecker on Goldie Heath… image Loved this small flock of Long-tailed Tits eating Willow-herb seeds. Its a shame i could not focus through the Willow-herb.. imageI put some seed out on the posts by the Wardens Office. It wasn’t meant for this Magpie, but it had only had a couple of seeds, when it flew off with its rattle type alarm call. (Note Red Reflector on Post)… image This was the reason for the Magpies panic. Out the corner of my eye, I noticed a Buzzard (top right) fly in…probably checking out all the birds in the area round the feeders. (note red reflector)… image My friend Ken Ball kindly sent me a photo from 2007 of Scarlet Elf Cups, obviously a better year on HC for this Species of fungi. I thought I was doing well to find 4…. image


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