3.2.15. Jackdaw Day!

Had a lovely late afternoon walk today on HC. According to car temperature it was 6ºC and with no wind, it felt quite mild. Had an amazing experience….See Last Post.

Birds seen today:- 4- Robin, 7- Blue Tit, 2- Dunnock, 2- Marsh Tit (photo), 1- Treecreeper, 1- Magpie, 1- Collared Dove (photo), 1- Reed Bunting (photo), 3- Chaffinch, 1- Blackbird (photo), 1- Carrion Crow (photo), 6- Long-tailed Tits, 1- Buzzard (photo), 3- Great Tit (photo), 1- Coal Tit, 1- Green Woodpecker, 600+ Jackdaw.

Great Tit and Marsh Tit…


Seem to be seeing a female Reed Bunting quite often just lately. This is my best Reed Bunting photo from Highgate Common….




What a lovely way to see the Sun Set at Highgate Common, in the eyes of this Collared Dove…


Not very good photos with light fading. But I couldn’t resist taking this Buzzard being mobbed by a Carrrion Crow..


Now for the the highlight of my visit this afternoon. I’ve seen Starling murmurations, and although not the numbers in this Clattering (had to look Clattering up) of Jackdaws, it was still a awesome sight and sound. The well known Jack calls could be heard from miles away. With my photo (200+) as an aid, and knowing how far in front and behind the Clattering stretched there was an easy 600+. This is the count I will report to the BTO. Its not a great photo, but its something I’ve never seen or heard. it would have probably been better if I had taken a video….



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