Friday The 13th, 2015.

Not such an unlucky day on HC. I did get to see another new bird for my HC Year List. Its hard to believe but its nearly middle of February and only just added House Sparrow to my HC list. But House Sparrows never seem to be present on the Common. So seeing 6 on The Birch Coppice car park was a bonus. Wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get photo, and some dog walkers scared them off. Another highlight was while watching the bird food I put out, a Buzzard chased 2 Wood Pigeon out of the trees, and flew directly toward me. Although Buzzards are a common sight over The Common, things like this, still give me a buzz>

Bird Count for today:- Robin- 3 (photo of one who thought he/she was a Treecreeper), Blue Tit- 5, Chaffinch- 5, Great Tit- 2, Dunnock- 1, Wood Pigeon- 2, Buzzard- 1, Jay- 1, Coal Tit- 2, Blackbird- 2, Magpie- 5, Marsh Tit- 2, House Sparrow- 6 (+). 44 for the Year!

With the weather overcast and rainy, only managed this Robin photo, who I think thought it was a Trrecreeper….



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