Strange weather conditions today, arrived on Highgate Common feeling over dressed, with the beautiful sunshine. My walk finished with me wishing I had more layers on. When I left it was snowing and very wintry.

Bird Count today was quite good, with 24 species seen. They were as follows:- 4- Bullfinch (photo), 3- Goldcrest (photo), 10+ Long-tailed Tits (photo), 4- Buzzard (photo), 8- Jackdaw, 1- Great Spotted Woodpecker (photo), 1- Green Woodpecker, 3- Great Tit, 4- Blue Tit, 1- Wren, 5- Chaffinch, 3- Robin, 3- Wood Pigeon, 1- Carrion Crow, 2- Magpie, 2- Coal Tit, 2- Blackbird, 2- Dunnock, 2- Song Thrush, 6- Starling (over), 2- Marsh Tit, 2- Pheasant, 1- Sparrowhawk (photo), 1 Siskin (by wardens office), 10+ Fieldfare (over).

Work is now underway to join the Whitehouse Lane Heath and Goldie Heath together. My walk hasn’t really been affected that much, so still loads of HC to explore…

IMG_4924 IMG_4925

Found a small patch of Snowdrops very close to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Wardens Office…


Four Buzzards were displaying today, this was the closest one of them came….


For such a large finch, and seeing it many many times, it still always amazes me to see Bullfinch’s hang upside down like the Tits do…


I expect birds like this Coal Tit to hang upside down…


One day! I will get a very still..out in the open Goldcrest on Highgate Common. I have got some good photos of Goldcrest, but never from HC. This one flew close, but for me just a bit too much motion in the photo. When it did stay still to preen, it was deep in the undergrowth. This Goldcrest is a male, you can tell that by the orange colour in its Gold/Yellow crest…


This Great-spotted Woodpecker was way to busy digging under bark to notice me. Its a shame I couldn’t get a bit closer. It did finally dig something out (last photo) but I can not tell what it flew off with…

IMG_4931IMG_4928IMG_4929 IMG_4930

Long-tailed Tit…


Nice to see this male Sparrowhawk checking out the field north of Highgate Common. Its usually Buzzards that are sitting in these trees…



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