Got up really early this Sunday morning. Forecast was for rain from 11am. Must admit today the BBC weather website got it spot on. When I arrived on Highgate Common it was still dark and a frosty -2ºC. When I left the Common it was 2ºC and tipping down with rain.

Bird Count for Today:- 2- Jackdaw, 1- Blackbird, 3- Chaffinch, 4- Robin, 1- Grey Heron (photo), 1- Green Woodpecker (photo), 3- Blue Tit, 3- Carrion Crow, 4- Magpie, 2- Song Thrush (photo), 2- Coal Tit, 10+ Long-tailed Tits, 2- Dunnock, 2- Marsh Tit (photo), 3- Great Tit, 2- Pheasant (photo), 5- Wood Pigeon, 1- Wren, 1- Buzzard, 1- Kestrel, 14- Fieldfare (photo).

To start off, I thought I would give you a taste of my early morning start..

Sunrise looking towards Kingswinford, taken from the south-east of Highgate Common…


The next six photos are all from my walk round this morning. If you look closely you can make the Song Thrush out, at the top of a tree in Whitehouse Lane. A better photo of the Song Thrush after the Frosty HC scenery…

IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4972 IMG_4973 IMG_4975

On pulling on the car park first thing I noticed was this male Pheasant on the west side of Whitehouse Lane, which is not a usual sight with all the dog walking. But being early I guess it was worth the risk…


The last week, this Song Thrush as been singing in Whitehouse Lane…


Finally got close enough to see the Grey Heron on the Island Pool, but with the crunchy frosty leaves under foot, it was soon in flight….

IMG_4958 IMG_4961

Remembered today, to take some of the work in progress for the new Heathland Corridor. But from a distance, and through the long lens..,


14 Distant Fieldfare…


The Cup Lichen is now getting even more cups…


I noticed the Rhododendron in the wood is producing its new shoots…


This fungi is called a Branching Oyster, you can tell this by the decurrent gills extending down the full length of the stem. Thanks to Alison Galbraith for the identification and also the information about its gills…


This photo is for a Lady and her Husband I see regularly on HC. I will have to ask you your names next time we meet. We both love feeding the birds. The lady asked me this morning, if I had seen the Marsh Tits lately. The answer is YES!.. just five minutes after you left…two came to the feeding area. So I took this photo specially for you, and the kindness you show to the birds…


My highlight today was not a rare bird for Highgate Common, but getting a bit closer, and also the frosty background. Made seeing this male Green Woodpecker a bit special….

IMG_4986 IMG_4966

Lastly a Photo from my mate Ken Ball, who spotted this Cormorant flying over Highgate Common today….



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