More of the same today on the Bird side of things. Just wish spring would hurry up now, so I could start to see a few invertebrates.

Bird Count:- 1- Carrion Crow, 3- Magpie, 10+ Wood Pigeon, 4- Chaffinch, 3- Blue Tit, 4- Robin (photo), 1- Coal Tit, 10+ Long-tailed Tits, 2- Goldcrest (photo), 4- Great Tit, 2- Jackdaw, 1- Marsh Tit, 1- Green Woodpecker, 1- Great-spotted Woodpecker. 1- Song Thrush, 1- Dunnock, 4- Buzzard (displaying).

I would guess this is a new Mining Bee Scrape, which is a new shape if so.


Glad to see these Long-tailed Tits aren’t taking much notice of the work taking place. This 10+ group are still in their usual place, only a few yards from the trees that have been felled. Although high up, at least these 3 were out in the open…

IMG_5007 IMG_4996 IMG_4998



A couple more photos of Goldcrest…

IMG_5008 IMG_5009


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