Really rainy day on Highgate Common today.

With it being so miserable today, the only photography I knew I had a chance with, was checking out The Wardens Office lights for moths. This proved successful and I got to see a new moth (see below photos).

With the moth photos only taking minutes, I had loads of time on my hands, and although wet, I still fancied a walk! So I volunteered my services to do a litter clean up! Thanks to Hannah and Adam (SWT Wardens) I was given a Black Bin Bag, a pair of gloves, and a pick up tool.

Must admit doing this litter pick up, gave me an education to how some Humans are so selfish in their disposal of litter. My Black Dustbin Bag for the litter, was full within about 500 metres of my walk!  Main things I picked up was Drink Cans and Bottles. Next was Plastic Food Cartons from the fast food shops. Most Popular brands were Coca Cola, Ribena, Carling Black Label, Costa Coffee, and McDonalds.

Just a few photos of my litter pick up…

IMG_5046 IMG_5043

This I found amazing, at first I thought I just had an old rope, but when I pulled the rope, I soon found out it was tied to a Garden Shrub. Obviously someone had had some landscaping work done, and the firm must have just dragged it out. Then instead of taking it to the tip, decided to do a bit of Fly Tipping!  Its a shame really, because the shrub looks quite a nice plant. I did remove the rope and added it to my Black Bag, but the shrub was way to big.

But I need to say this….I HATE FLY TIPPERS!!!!!

IMG_5044 IMG_5045

Right! Back to the Wildlife, in this case Moths. These moths are all the same species, but there are slight differences in each one. These are called Dotted Border’s, and its the first time I’ve seen this species of moth…


Just for a closer comparison….


Nearly forgot this photo. Almost half of the Birch Coppice car park is now closed, due to the work being done….



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