Frosty start to the day, but by 10am it warmed up, and turned into a beautiful day.

Decided to do a complete walk around the outside of HC today! Although the Song Thrush has been added to the Red List, after todays walk, I think I can say numbers on The Common seem quite healthy. Counted back sightings when I got home, and I know I saw at least 10. At one stage I could hear four all singing from different area’s…

IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5081 IMG_5083

Talking about singing, one of the loudest songs from a bird you will hear in Britain, must be from the tiny Wren…


Other birds being heard quite often lately are both species of Woodpecker. The Great-spotted Drumming on the trees. The Green Woodpecker with its Yaffle. This is not the first time I’ve seen a male Great-spotted Woodpecker drumming on this Silver Birch. I could have cropped these photos closer, but I like the Bracket Fungi on the opposite side. Note the Red on the back of the head indicating this is a male…

IMG_5069IMG_5067 IMG_5068



The next 8 photos were my highlight today. Firstly:- I was watching 6 Buzzard display gracefully in the sky from the north of HC, ( 6 being the most I’ve seen at once). Secondly it looks like the Juvenile Peregrine Falcon likes hunting exactly where I saw it earlier in the year! But what happened next gave me the size/scale and speed of this Peregrine Falcon compared to a Buzzard. As soon as I saw the Anchor shaped raptor I knew it was a Peregrine. Did not expect it to fly between six displaying Buzzards. The first 5 Buzzards ignored the Peregrine. But the sixth took a dislike to this, and I think tried to tell the young Peregrine…. this is not allowed…

IMG_5084IMG_5071IMG_5074 IMG_5075IMG_5076 IMG_5077IMG_5078 IMG_5079

Work Update! Heavy Plant Vehicles now well at work…


The next photo is the only drawback of having such vehicles on HC. But I once saw the exact same thing at the Woodland Trusts… Bunkers Hill Wood site. After just over a year it was more or less back to normal….



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