First day of March was a tale of two halves. This morning was absolutely lovely, really sunny and warm. But this afternoon was a total washout, with heavy rain.

With the morning being so nice I saw three invertebrates. Firstly I saw my first butterfly this year. It was a Peacock, but flying fast over the Common. Secondly yet again flying way to fast for a photo, was a very dark coloured Bee. The third invertebrate I did get a photo. This time it was a small unidentified Spider (see below).

Unidentified Spider. As soon as I get Identification I will Update….

Update:- This is called a Pirate Wolf Spider…


This Dunnock was definitely watching me pass by, as it hid in the middle of this tree…

IMG_5131 IMG_5134 IMG_5135

Love these Pine Cones…


Yet another Song Thrush…


Two Nuthatches were showing well…

IMG_5136 IMG_5137

Although I didn’t get really great photos, seeing these 20+ Linnets flying from Highgate Commons trees to neighbouring farmland, was quite special. They did this several times, and I just happened to be under the tree they chose to use…

IMG_5130IMG_5124 IMG_5125 IMG_5126

While searching the field for the Linnets, I noticed this distant  male Yellowhammer…



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