Really felt like a spring afternoon today! Had a lovely couple of hours over Highgate Common.

Enjoyed my walk so much, never got round to doing a bird count. I was hoping for a few Invertebrates, but for some unknown reason, on such a warm beautiful spring type day… I didn’t see any! But making the effort going over HC looking for invertebrates, paid dividends on a magical bird photo opportunity.

To kick off, I’ll update you with a few photos of The New Heathland Corridor. Must say after walking down the side of the corridor this afternoon, I was well impressed how its already looking. Surprisingly for me it already looks so natural. Not that the following photos show that. I wish now I had taken a photo from The Staffordshire Way side. I think the 3rd photo, taken from the White House Lane side shows it the best, but you can’t see that much from that side…

IMG_5203 IMG_5204 IMG_5205

Took this Common Buzzard, but didn’t realise till I got home that I had photographed it with its Nictitating Membrane blinking (2nd photo). This is a transparent third eyelid, which protects birds eyes…Well it was a sunny day. On the third photo, I just like how Common Buzzards seem to still look so graceful as they pick their way through the Trees and Branches..



For me this finished off a perfect afternoon. I was going to check out a small patch of Snowdrops for any invertebrates, just past the SWT Wardens Office. Unfortunately the Snowdrops were in shade, and there was no sign of any insects. Walking back I noticed what I thought was a squabble between two Goldcrests. Turns out there were three Goldcrests. Two males (it was the two males squabbling) and a totally exhausted female. The female more or less fell at my feet, and hid under some bramble surrounding a tree (I guess she had had enough of being chased round). What happened next will live with me forever. I got two males searching and displaying for the female right in front of me. I was way too close at first, so I had to move slightly backwards. But the two males were not in the slightest bit bothered by me, they were too busy looking for the female. I know in the next six photos I did get both males, but which is which I lost track of. Just hope the female got a bit of a rest.    LOVED THIS….

IMG_5195 IMG_5196 IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5199 IMG_5194

On a sadder note:- I found out today that Adam Berry one of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Wardens is leaving Highgate Common. I would just like to thank Adam for all his hard work over the last year, and also for being there for any of my numerous questions. I would also like to wish you all the best in your new Wardens roll, and for the Future!

                                   KEEP IN TOUCH MATE!!


One thought on “4.3.15.

  1. Mick Scarrott says:

    Some decent photos from this afternoon – let me have your email and I’ll send you a couple of mine. Not sure they can compete, though!


    Mick Scarrott


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