Beautiful afternoon again over Highgate Common. Once again I hoped for some action on the invertebrate front. But must admit it was very quiet. In fact if I had not bumped into Hannah (SWT Warden) I wouldn’t have got my main photos today!

The Heathland Corridor is nearly finished now, and work is due to end tomorrow. Decided to walk over to The Staffordshire Way, and take some better photos of the corridor. Top photo looking North East, and uphill towards where it will meet Goldie Heath. Bottom photo looking South West and downhill towards the main Heathland. Also on bottom photo note how the Yew Tree is now more visible. Better photos of Yew Tree (below views of corridor).


IMG_5237 IMG_5238

Decided to take a few photos of the Yew Tree that since the work to create the corridor, is now way more visible. Also took some of the male pollen cones. Which makes this particular Yew Tree a male. If it had red berries it would be a female. I hope I read this information correctly, must admit trees are one of my wildlife weak links….


Robin using Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts gate post lock, for a perch…


Couple of distant Mistle Thrushes…


The next two photos are really down to Hannah telling me about a Honey Bee nest, that she had found. With the chance of seeing some invertebrate action at last, I could not resist the chance of a photo. This was the best photo I got with the 3-4 Honey Bees always on the move…


The Yellowhammer was also lucky, because if I had not gone looking for the Honey Bees, this photo would not exist either..



2 thoughts on “6.3.15.

  1. Alan says:

    Sat 7th
    Had a quick walk round to see if there were any early migrants; alas none.
    Noticed the feeding station off the whitehouse car park has disappeared.


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