Best Day of the year so far. Both in terms of Weather and Wildlife.

Where do I start? I know with the bird list. I actually added 2 new birds to the Highgate Common Year List. New birds were Raven and Greylag Geese. Which now takes the total up to 49. 

Todays Bird List:- 3- Blue Tit, 2- Long-tailed Tits, 2- Bullfinch, 2- Buzzard, 2- Great Spotted Woodpecker, 1- Treecreeper, 2- Blackbird, 2- Song Thrush, 2- Raven (+), 10+ Fieldfare, 1- Sparrowhawk, 1- Goldcrest, 18- Greylag Geese (+), 5- Wood Pigeon, 4- Chaffinch, 2- Great Tit, 2- Robin, 1- Dunnock, 1- Pied Wagtail, 3- Magpie, 2- Carrion Crow, 10+ Linnet.

Other Wildlife:- Everything here was the first time sightings this year, with the exception of the Honeybee. 1- Shrew, 1- Red-tailed Bumblebee, 2- Honeybee, 10+ Common Frog (spawning), 1- Bloody-nosed beetle, 1- Unidentified Moth? 1- Unidentified Beetle. UPDATE ON MOTH…Its a Mottled Grey!

Followed a couple of Song Thrush down Hazel Alley. They kept stopping to search for food, but always stayed about 20 paces in front….

IMG_5293IMG_5292 IMG_5295 IMG_5296

Nice to see the Common Frogs busy spawning (really feels like spring seeing this), the top end of the pool looked full with Frogspawn…


Got a better photo of a Honeybee today…


Two Ravens flew over this morning, I always seem to hear the Pruk and Cronk calls before I see them…

IMG_5298 IMG_5299

Found a few interesting feathers. I would guess Pheasant and Green Woodpecker. I hope there hasn’t been a flying Weasel incident….

IMG_5281 IMG_5289

Now for the second bird species to be added to the year list. These Greylag Geese flew over and landed in farmland just above Enville Golf Club, But then they flew to Mere Farm Pool, and settled in the field next to the pool, where I got this photo..


This Pied Wagtail was running and searching every inch of the Wardens office roof, looking for insects…

IMG_5300 IMG_5303

Robin and Great Spotted Woodpecker…

IMG_5290 IMG_5291

First Bloody-nosed Beetle this year….


Now for the highlight of the day,  two Unidentified Species. As usual I will update as soon as I know what they are…

Firstly the Moth. Without my mate Ken, this photo would not have been possible. He had to hold some bramble back, so I could see the moth clearly…

UPDATE ON MOTH…Its a Mottled Grey!


Lastly the 2nd Unidentified Species…this time a small Beetle….

IMG_5269 IMG_5271


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