Just a quick visit today. Dull and cold early morning.

Bird Count:- 6- Goldfinch, 2- Long-tailed Tits, 3- Great Tits, 2- Carrion Crow, 1- Song Thrush, 2- Coal Tit, 2- Marsh Tits, 4- Chaffinch, 8- Magpie, 3- Wood Pigeon, 2- Mallard, 3- Robin, 6- Blue Tit, 2- Blackbird.

How on earth are these few Bramble leaves supporting the weight of this Robin?


The large tyre grooves have now been filled in, just let mother nature take over now….


Nice to see a pair of Mallards on the Island Pool again. I know I could see Mallards on the local Park Pond, but these are Highgate Common Mallards. So that makes them special to me…

IMG_5335 IMG_5338

The next photos I should give a WARNING!!! and make it a 18 certificate…The Following Photos contain Scenes of Sex,Violence and Grey Heron Poo.  But its only the Circle of Life for these Common Frogs. Also I would guess there is a Grey Heron knocking around somewhere full of frogs, with the dead Frog I should say the Heron was way to full to eat anymore, but its a shame really. The size and amount of poo round the side of the pool was amazing….

IMG_5336 IMG_5337 IMG_5340 IMG_5341


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