Overcast Day, but quite Mild.

Two new moths for me today, also another March Moth. All round the Wardens Office lights.

First new moth is this Engrailed (Ectropis crepuscularia)…


Second new moth, I got totally wrong. I was certain I had a Figure of Eight moth, till I got home and looked at its flight period. Thanks to iSpot I did get the correct identification. Its called a Yellow Horned. So called because of its yellow/orange Antennae. I will have to see if I can photograph the Antennae now….

IMG_5424 IMG_5423

March Moth


Female Mallard…


Long-tailed Tit…


A couple of Distant Collared Dove mutual preening…


Probably not wild, but these yellow Crocus add a splash of colour to the car park…


Now for the highlight of the day. I noticed this beautiful lichen in-between the heather. Could not get over how bright red it was. Its name is Cladonia polydactyla. Now I have to be careful here, it has two common names, but its hard to tell the two species apart. Its either Devils Matchstick or British Soldier Lichen…

IMG_5426 IMG_5428


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