Grey but not a really cold day! Spent from 6:15am till 1pm on HC. Getting there just before sunrise today really paid off. On the way down the lane to HC, I got to see a Badger, who soon ran off for cover. A Tawny Owl also flew across the road just yards away from the car park. Then not to far into my walk a Woodcock flew up in front of me. All 3 only fleeting glimpses (with no photos), but for a Wildlife Nut like me…Very Special Glimpses. Then later putting feed out by the wardens office, I got my 3rd new bird for the year list, with a pair of Tufted Duck flying over from Mere Hall Pool. Also got to see a new Invertebrate in the shape of a Birch Catkin Bug.

Bird Count:-1- Tawny Owl (+), 2- Magpie, 1- Great-spotted Woodpecker, 2- Buzzard, 1- Woodcock (+), 2- Long-tailed Tit, 1- Grey Heron, 1- Marsh Tit, 1- Blackbird, 6- Jackdaw, 2- Wren, 1- Dunnock, 3- Great Tit, 4- Blue Tit, 3- Chaffinch, 2- Carrion Crow, 4- Redwing, 10+ Wood Pigeon, 1- Pheasant, 2- Tufted Duck (+).

Thats takes my count to 52 bird species for the year.

Other Flora and Fauna noted:- 1- Badger, 1- Birch Catkin Bug, Unidentified Cocoon (on heather). Nettles, Ivy (Hedera helix) now in Berry.

A photo I did manage, was this new Invertebrate for myself. Its called a Birch Catkin Bug, its only about 6mm long, and never stayed still. Hence the poor photo…


Earthworm, supposed to be the most important animal on Earth. So it deserves a photo.

It looks like its got into the groove!!!! Disco Joke!!


The Ivy is now in Berry…


Also seeing the first sign of Nettles. Look forward to searching the nettles this year, in search of the beautiful Dead Nettle Leaf Beetle again…


One of my favourite plants on Highgate Common has to be the Heather it seems to attract so much wildlife. Like the Cocoon in the bottom photo. The Cocoon as yet is Unidentified. I will update as soon as I get ID…

IMG_5558 IMG_5532



Got to admit, I could not resist the opportunity to take some more photos of the Yellow Horned moth. There were two Yellow Horned moths on the Wardens Office wall. The first moth (darker) played ball, and just sat there and posed for me. Even looked deep into its eyes. Is it me or does the face look a bit Owl Like?

The Second moth (lighter) was a bit above me, I had no sooner put my lens underneath, when it plummeted to the ground. It must have been a bit camera shy. Feeling a bit guilty I decided to pick it up (very carefully) on my finger and place it back on the wall. Unfortunately I could not twist my finger enough to encourage it back on the wall. Luckily I managed to get it back on the Wardens Office sign. Not wanting to miss a photo opportunity, I took the bottom three photos. Note the difference in colour between the two Yellow Horned moths.

One thing I would also like to say is….I never harm a living thing in search of a Photo. I do believe in The Nature Photographer’s Code of Practice! Plus I love all Wildlife so much…


This is a slightly different angle of the new corridor. I’m sure its already looking more natural…



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