I loved my walk this afternoon. Nice and sunny, it almost felt like T-Shirt weather.

Since my friend Ken saw the Early Flat-body moth, I’ve been searching round the Island Pool looking for another one. Today I thought I had struck gold, when I noticed a very similar looking moth on a tree near the pond. Luckily this was a new moth for me. Unluckily it wasn’t the much rarer Early Flat-body which Ken had seen.  Mine was a March Tubic (Diurnea fagella)… Still always a pleasure though seeing a new moth. Just glad it was not on a Silver Birch, I would not have spotted it…

IMG_5627 IMG_5608

As I turned round from taking the moth photo above, and started to head off on my normal route. I noticed this male Bullfinch taking a bath in the smaller pond…


The Marsh Tits are still coming to the feeding area…


A Sparrowhawk flew through the North Eastern field, and put most of the birds up. These Wood Pigeons in flight didn’t want to take any chances. Mind you when I looked at the photo when I got home, I did notice two didn’t take to the air…


 Had a bit of Luck with the next photo, I saw a young Rabbit moving down a hedge just above the meadow, and not having one Rabbit photo from HC, I decided turn completely round and walk back about 300 yards to see if I could finally get a rabbit photo. As I leant on a fence post and scanned down the hedge, I heard the Chu Chu Chu Kaaa calls of these Red-Legged Partridge in front of the hedge directly opposite me. Never did see the young rabbit though. But this was my first photo of Red-Legged Partridge at HC. So it was well worth while, turning round and searching for Bugs Bunny…


After my longest afternoon visit this year, and with the light fading, seeing two Greylag Geese fly into the setting sun, from the Birch Coppice car park, finished off a perfect afternoon walk…



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