Another nice sunny afternoon today! Only had a short visit. We had a breakdown at work, and I had to work through my break. So my stomach was telling me..go home and get something to eat!

Can I ask the two people (husband and wife) who I met today with Hannah the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Warden to please message me here. Another thing I noticed about the man, is that you were wearing a Wolves badge. Just need to explain something!

A Tawny Owl was flying in the little wooded area by the Wardens Office. Also saw three butterflies fly through, but to quick for ID. I suspect they may have been Comma’s.

Saw this new Bark Beetle today! Thanks to Keith Lugg from the Staffordshire Invertebrate Group (SIG) for this identification. Its called a Trypodendron domesticum. Being only 3mm long, it wasn’t till I saw the photos at home, that I appreciated how impressive this tiny beetle was. Should of gone to Specsavers…comes to mind…


Some more nice flowers had been placed in the Island Pool today…



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