Beautiful early morning sunlight. And a great morning all round! Has I drove up Highgate Road early this morning, I noticed these two Red-legged Partridge enjoying the early morning sunlight. But as soon as they spotted me, they legged it over to the golf course. With last weeks Red-legged Partridge and today’s Chiffchaff it now takes my Bird Year List to 54.IMG_5743 Highlight of the Day! As usual I checked the Wardens office walls, and in my opinion…spotted a real beauty. This moth is called a Shoulder Stripe. I would like to thank Chris Brooks off iSpot, who kindly identifies a lot of the new moths I see. I do have two excellent Moth Books, but I find it quicker putting them on iSpot…. IMG_5734 Another highlight was having Ken tell me that it was 12 months today, that the first Chiffchaff arrived on HC. Then not more than 10 minutes later we hear the Chiff-Chaff call of the first arrival this year. Anyone who has ever recorded birds, soon realises that this sought of thing happens quite a lot. I can remember having recorded Swifts arriving on the same day 3 years running. This Chiffchaff never really stayed still, and this was the best distant photo I got… IMG_5747 Female Mallard in cover… IMG_5746 Someone told me that there were animals out there that loved Heather Beetles for dinner. Turns out they were correct. Found this on the top of the wooden sign on Brants Hill. Trying to find out what could have made this pellet… IMG_5741 IMG_5742 Carrion Crow… IMG_5748 A couple a weeks ago, I heard someone moaning that they could not park due to the logs on the Birch Coppice car park! I very much doubt that was correct.

IMG_7157 IMG_7162 IMG_7168 IMG_7170 IMG_7175 IMG_7180 IMG_7185 IMG_7195


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