At 6:30am this morning it was beautiful and sunny. By the time I arrived on HC the sun had totally vanished behind a thick fog/mist. It lasted at least 2 hours, and also dropped the temperature. So most of the wildlife decided to keep low. By the time the sun burnt the mist off, it was time to go home.

Had some great photos sent me yesterday by Gary Pascoe, one of the Highgate Common volunteers. The photos are of this very impressive Male Minotaur Beetle. Just like to thank Gary for firstly sending them to me, and also letting me post them here. The Minotaur Beetle is a beetle I have only ever seen once, but I will now be looking at every Bloody-nosed Beetle that much closer just in case….


The next two photos will explain much of the reason I didn’t get to see much this morning. This is actually the Sun trying to break through. Also when it did clear slightly, I only managed  this photo of a Carrion Crow flying in the misty conditions….

IMG_5770 IMG_5771

I did manage to find another mystery wildlife item on Goldie Heath….Answers on a Postcard…


Cellar Snail and Pill Millipede. It was unusual to see this Pill Millipede stuck to the Snail…


Second species of Bumblebee this year. This time a White-tailed Bumblebee…


I did promise myself I would not take another Robin photo, but when one comes up and poses on the last of the logs to be taken off the Birch Coppice car park…how could I resist, especially on a misty morning…



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