With working the afternoon shift this last week, I seemed to miss most of the good weather! So really all week its been a bit frustrating!

Today, I did get to use my new Bumblebee skills. With what I’ve learnt so far.. I would say this is a male White-tailed Bumblebee. I Did get to photograph its Pollen Baskets on each hind leg. Which I now know that rules out a Cuckoo bee. Also with the squared off tail, that confirms its a male…

IMG_5802 IMG_5804IMG_5803

Also got to see my first Sawfly this year. This one being Sawfly (symphyta)…

IMG_5798 IMG_5799

Yet another mystery package. I would say its a bird dropping. But which one? Also in this one loads of weird looking creatures…


Pheasant Feather…






Oil Beetles were spotted on the Common today! I would guess in the warmer sunny afternoons. So like this Mallard, its driving me Quackers…



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