Had to do two more visits today, all in hope of seeing Oil Beetles. The weather was mainly a washout, but it did brighten up mid afternoon.

The Next three photos sum up my visit this morning! After seeing so many Bloody-nosed Beetles yesterday, I thought I would check how the rain affects their movement. I would say… it almost brings everything to a stop. But I did see four in the driving rain and gale force winds. But I would say it affected this human male and brolly way more. All for a sighting of an Oil Beetle. The Answer to the bottom photo, is a definite NO!

IMG_5854 IMG_5856IMG_5853

Brighter afternoon session… More Bloody-nosed Beetles came out with the better conditions, and obviously would do anything to find a mate. Either that or it was Conga Time…


Found a Queen Buff-tailed Bumblebee, she was digging. Found out this may not only be to dig out a nest site, but they also do this to get rid of parasites, a bit like a bird having a dust bath. Note to Self….Use 100mm macro for Bees. She did not like me this close, she turned round and I’m sure I saw her sting pulsating in my direction. Yet again I managed to get a Pollen Basket photo, and also this time could see the tail end coming to a point…

IMG_5870 IMG_5871 IMG_5874 IMG_5873


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