Had the pleasure of showing Gary Pascoe round The Butterfly Survey Route today. Unfortunately with the drizzle and damp conditions, it was always going to be a day of no butterfly activity. In fact it was a day very little activity of anything.

We did get the Grey Heron trying to avoid us, sneaking into the pool, by hiding behind trees…

IMG_5912 IMG_5913

In hope of seeing White-letter Hairstreaks later on in the year, I’ve been meaning to identify this Wych Elm/Elm tree for a while. Knowing White-letter Hairstreaks stay close to Elm trees. Its useful to know this tree. With it being in the middle of the wood, and surrounded by other close trees, I couldn’t really get the whole tree in a photo. But these shots are useful enough for people to Identify it on iSpot as either an Elm or Wych Elm…

IMG_5902 IMG_5903 IMG_5904

Not a great photo, but I will try to get better photos of Meadow Ants, now I’ve found a small nest on Goldie Heath. Not many out with cool conditions, also they move so fast. When its warmer, they usually bask in the sun…


Gary found this unusual tree. Still not sure if it was in this state due to Woodpeckers looking for a tasty meal, or if the below Beetles were guilty for its condition. Both the Spider and Beetle are new species on me, and both were found under the bark, that was almost falling off. Unfortunately the Beetle remains unidentified.

Firstly the Tree…


Now for the Spider, this only gave me a split second to photograph before it shot off onto the woodland floor. Its been identified as a Running Crab Spider (Philodromus). This species looks like it can be quite varied in size and colour, but I did google similar images of the one I took. Not a great photo, because I was holding bark in one hand, and the camera one handed too. So I was pleased I at least got this one. Also like how it appears to have yellow stripes on its legs…


Lastly the unidentified Beetle, there were three, but they hardly stayed still. this was the best of a bad bunch. Roll on the good light. I will Update as soon as I get this Beetle identified.

Update!!!  This Beetle is called a Darkling Beetle: Nalassus laevioctostriatus. 


Also I would like to thank Gary for his company round the HC Butterfly Route. Hopefully next time, it will be sunnier and warmer, with at least a few Butterflies to report for the survey.


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