Weather forcasters seemed to get it wrong today. It had said it was going to be a dull day. But after the mist cleared about 10:30am, it was a lovely sunny day!

Added 2 more bird species to my HC Year List. A Male Blackcap, and two House Martins flying through. Takes my total for the year so far to 53.

First photo of the day was taken by Ken Ball (Thanks Ken) who I was taking to the Wardens Office to check out the lights for moths. I spotted this Buzzard sitting on the Bridle Path sign post, and pulled up! But something I shouldn’t do is drive with my camera in the boot. The things I miss at times. But luckily Ken had his camera at hand.  Is it me…or is this Buzzard considering if a Horse Shoe would fit?


On arrival at the Wardens Office Cobs (The New Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Warden) told us about a spider next to the lock of the toilets. It turned out to be a Nursery Web Spider. But hats off to Cobs who at least isn’t like the girls in my family, who would have freaked out. I also got another photo of a Nursery Web Spider, in a more appropriate place..On the Heath…

IMG_6002 IMG_6020 IMG_6013

Under the lights were two moths.  I got a better photo today of the Early Tooth-striped…


But I was also a bit dissappointed when I found out, I had not got a new moth like I first thought. But a different colour version of an Engrailed. I will show you the other Engrailed I took a few weeks back, just to show how hard this new Hobby of mine can really be at times. Top Photo today…Bottom Photo taken on the 12.3.15…


Found yet another Mining Bee, really getting into Mining Bees, its such a shame they are so hard to ID. Hopefully someone on iSpot will help me out….

IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6008 IMG_6009

First Blackcap of the year. Distant record photo…


Nice to see growth coming through in the soil of the new Heathland Corridor…

IMG_6014 IMG_6015 IMG_6017

Unidentified Fungi and Slug….


I think this is another Bibio, but at least this time I did not have to lean on the damp grass…


Seems to be more than ever Yellowhammers this year. Which is good news, because I never tire of seeing or even hearing their song…



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