Another nice day on Highgate Common today! Probably the nicest early morning we have had this year. Down to T/Shirt from the off.

2 Swallows over were new, and takes my HC Bird Year List to 56.

Started to think the best way for me to post, is like I’ve been doing just lately…As it happened during my visit. Ken joined me for the morning, and the first thing we spotted were Grey Mining Bees flying round the Heathland. After not getting a photo of one yesterday, I was eager to succeed today! Luckily one landed and eventually obliged. Love the early morning dew in the photo too…


After already seeing two Oil Beetles. I was keen we got one for Ken to take a photo of. After only about half hour into the walk, we found one. With this one, I’m actually happy that it is a Violet Oil Beetle. So now I know that Highgate Common has two species of Oil Beetle. Note the large depression behind Thorax. Also I’ve been reading how much larger they get as they feed. This one was by far the biggest both in size and length. I find it amazing after not seeing one the previous weeks. I have now seen Three in the matter of a week. Love the third photo from behind. Noticed these are the most laid back Beetles i have ever seen. They almost sit up and pose…

IMG_6099 IMG_6100 IMG_6101 IMG_6102

Had two very noisy Ravens fly over, with their Pruk and Cronk calls….

IMG_6086 IMG_6087

Found this Hoverfly, although common, I can’t remember seeing it before. I also usually recognise the name if I had heard it before. Its called Eupeodes…


There are now loads of Mining Bee holes turning up! Both of these photos taken in the new Heathland Corridor. So thats proving its worth already. In this section I’m also going to post a couple of Mining Bee photos as yet unidentified. The one on its own, with my eyes I thought it was a Honey Bee. I do know the large Hoverfly is another Tachina ursine…

IMG_6098 IMG_6093 IMG_6107 IMG_6112

Spotted this Great Tit in the Yew Tree looking for something to eat. I hope it didn’t eat any of the leaves it was looking at, they are supposed to be poisonous. “Slips of Yew, silvered in the moon’s eclipse”…

IMG_6090 IMG_6091

One of the insect signs paid off again today, with this unidentified Spider. As usual I will update as soon as possible.

Update:- The spider is a Metellina segmetata/mengei.

IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6106

On Goldie Heath, I got to see my first Common Lizard this year. Its also the first time I’ve spotted one on Goldie Heath…


Now this is becoming a regular thing, that HC saves the best till last for me. On Goldie Heath again, and my first time ever, of seeing a Bee Fly… Bombliidae. What an absolutely Beautiful creature it is. I was really lucky with this, I had no sooner got it in my sights, and ready to press my shutter, when I heard six Lurchers bounding towards me. Now I’m not scared of any dog, but I do know kneeling down in the grass, with barking and growling BIG dogs heading towards you, is not a safe place to be. Within seconds I was surrounded by the dogs! I did get up and did my dog whisperer best not to show who was boss.  But then the lady who was walking her pack, called them back, and said sorry. I said it was Ok, but obviously when I looked where the Bee Fly had been, it had flew off. Don’t blame it really, I wish I had a set of wings with those dogs heading towards me. So then I took to searching all the flat scorched type grass, it had been on, before the Wolf Pack Attack. Must admit I was using some french words under my breath, when at first i could not see it. But then obviously I did spot it again, and got this photo….



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