Not much time at HC this morning, unfortunatley I had to work this afternoon.  But it still was a fruitful few hours. The weather was also nice and sunny again.

Found this Early Thorn under the Wardens office lights. I think the Thorns are my favourite moth species. But I do like most moths I see….

IMG_6173 IMG_6174

Jackdaws on Wardens Office telegraph pole….


This is a bit of a crap photo of a Mistle Thrush…


Got a slightly better photo of the Moorhen today…


Round by the pool some of the Bilberry is now coming into flower…


Been trying to get a photo of this small black spider a few years now. But they are always to quick, and vanish in the leaf litter. Today I tried to guess the direction one was going to run, and pointed my camera in front, where I thought it would run past….Bingo!!! My guess paid off, so now I also have the identification. Its called a Pardosa saltans…


Found this interesting Nomad Bee (Nomada) but I need to put it on BWARS to get confirmation of the exact species… I thought I had the same Nomad Bee this time, that I photographed last year. Till I got it home and looked at last years photograph. That one had two yellow spots on it’s back…Not red like this one. It was hanging out by this wall of holes in the large sand pit on Brants Hill…

IMG_6176 IMG_6177 IMG_6178


Was lucky enough to spot two more Bee Flies (Bombylius major). Noticed this one had a totally different colour back to the other two I have now observed, this one being blacker on its back. When I looked at photos at home noticed it must have been laying an egg on this leaf. I’m sure I saw somewhere, that they also flick them into other insect holes, with the larvae being parasitic…

IMG_6187 IMG_6188

Lastly yet another Peacock photo. Still looking for a Holly Blue to come to the Common, so I can get a photo…



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