With the heavy early morning rain, I decided to wait for the forecasted sunnier afternoon. But I must say even in the afternoon, there was a bit of chill in the wind.

This Goat Willow has been catching my eye the last few days. With its bright yellow catkins. Decided to make sure of identification, and also look up some facts about the tree. Believe it or not this is a Male tree. Because Females have long catkins, and not like these smaller catkins of the male. Also this tree is one of the best at attracting Bee’s. I did actually notice this fact as I looked up, to decide which were the best catkins to photograph…

IMG_6175IMG_6215 IMG_6212IMG_6210

Talking of tree’s I will be keeping an eye on this tree stump, to see whats made these holes. Very Interesting…


With it being only a short visit this afternoon, the only other photo I got, was this as yet unidentified Mining Bee…


Here’s hoping for better weather tomorrow!!!


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