What a glorious afternoon. Spent 4 hours over HC, and I probably could have managed a couple more hours with how light it stayed.

May as well keep to how my afternoon unfolded. First thing I noticed today as I crossed Whitehouse Lane, that I must have had some pheromone from the first time I used the Emperor moth lure. I had at least 7-8 occasions where male Emperors came flying round my boots. This was the only item I had got on from when I used the lure.

This is the 3rd time now, that I’ve seen a Sap Beetle, and as usual this one was walking over a cut down tree trunk…


A good friend of mine (Bob) always advised me to check out wood piles. Today it turned up this Micro Moth. As yet unidentified. So as usual I will update when I found out what it is. Unfortunately this moth was so small, and it never stayed still. So my photos are not the best. Which is a shame, because this was such a lovely little creature…

IMG_6266 IMG_6267 IMG_6269

Totally amazed on Brants Hill, counted at least 8 Green Tiger Beetles. These are so tricky to photograph. You literally have to crawl in the grass, and make sure your shadow falls nowhere near them. But with patience it is possible. The jaws on the Green Tiger Beetle look a bit menacing…

IMG_6271 IMG_6274 IMG_6276

Got my first Small Tortoiseshell photo (not a good one), also photographed another Comma. Still hoping for my first photo of a Holly Blue on HC…


Grey/Ashy Mining Bee…


The breeding/nesting season is a tiring time of year for birds. Its not often you see a Long-tailed Tit fast asleep…


Tree Pipit looking for a meal in the grass. Good example here of the short curved hind claw…



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