Not much time to post tonight, so It will have to be a brief sum up. But there was a lot photographed.

Found my second Blue Shieldbug, although small and beautiful, I did not realise it was a predator. This Bloody-nosed Beetle Larva must have realised, after it was dragged all over the place, and having its blood sucked out at the same time.IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6298

Photographed my first Green-veined White this year…


Also got a better Small Tortoiseshell, plus two in flight…

IMG_6321 IMG_6322

Not great photos, but I only got two photos as this Timberworm Beetle flew off. But being my first sighting of this Beetle, I thought I would post both photos…

IMG_6301 IMG_6302

There are now thousands of Mining Bee holes everywhere on HC. These are a selection of the really small Mining Bees I photographed today…All below 5mm long…

IMG_6304 IMG_6305 IMG_6306 IMG_6307 IMG_6308

Another Tree Pipit showed well this afternoon…

IMG_6326 IMG_6320

Also this beautiful Yellowhammer showed off its lovely rusty coloured rump…


The Blackthorn is now in flower…

IMG_6313 IMG_6316

Got one photo of this Nomad Bee (leucophthalma) before it went into its nest hole…


Also got another chance to photograph the gold coloured moth I took yesterday. Luckily today it stayed still. So I also got the purple spots this Eriocraniidae is known for…


This is a Grass Bug (Stenodema laevigata).


Also my first Leaf Beetle of the year…


Not a great photo of a Mining Bee on a Dandelion, but I posted this one, because I spotted a tiny Mite on the Bee’s thorax…



One thought on “15.4.15.

  1. Gary says:

    Saw the same red-tailed bee on tuesday, in the sandy gully on the main common. I think it is Andrena labiata. Great pictures of the bug and larva!


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