Not so sunny as the last few days. But still a lovely day.

Not been many moths at the Wardens Office this week. Mainly because I’ve been checking on the afternoon, and usually most of the moths fly off by dinner time.  But today there was this Beautiful Frosted Green. Which probably was the highlight of the afternoon…

IMG_6335 IMG_6338 IMG_6333

Got closer to a Tachina ursine…

IMG_6342 IMG_6341

Found another small Cucumber Spider, yet again on a signpost…


Wish Brimstones posed like the Peacocks do.


This is the first Hoverfly I’ve seen that looks like a Mining Bee mimic. I will update on this species of Hoverfly, as soon as I find out what it is…

Update:- made a mistake here, with this photo. I actually thought it looked hairy under its wings. When I got ID from Chris Brooks its actually a Hoverfly I’ve seen on numerous occasions. The hairs on the under wing are actually yellow patches. Its made look hairy by the wing pattern. This is called a Eristalis pertinax.


Saw a few Green Tiger Beetles up the new Heathland Corridor…


I now have a new project get a good photo of a Whirligig Beetle. These little Beetles are never still, and spin on the surface of the water like mad….

IMG_6347 IMG_6348

Pied Wagtail…


Dunnock singing in the Birch Coppice car park…


I did forget to report the first time a Cuckoo was heard on HC this year. It was heard by Mick a Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Volunteer on Saturday. I suddenly remembered when Ken Ball sent me a male Cuckoo photo taken today…



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