Bright day, but more cloud, and also a lot cooler.

When I arrived at the Wardens Office today I could hear the Cuckoo on the main Common calling. More about the Cuckoo’s later.

Checked out the lights on the Wardens Office, they turned up 3 moths. Firstly I saw this Early Tooth-Striped..


The other 2 were both Pugs. I’ve spent a good hour looking at Pug images to try to find an identification for both. The one I’m most happy with is this Mottled Pug. Which if correct is a new moth for my list…


The other, I’m no so happy with. I think it maybe a Brindled Pug. But both Pugs are on iSpot. So I will have to wait to see if I got both correct…


So after the visit to see what moths were about, I decided to look for the Cuckoo who had been calling all the while I was photographing the moths. It didn’t take me long to find the bird, I just followed the constant Cuckoo call. These next photos are all taken near the Forestry Commission area with the bench under the tree. This is exactly the same area I got my photos of the Cuckoo last year. About an hour after these photos were taken. I actually saw 3 Cuckoo’s. 2 males and 1 female. The one male was trying to scare the other male off. I really wanted a photo of the female, not having one in my collection. I could see the female close to the path near the Island Pool, and she let two lots of people pass nearby twice. So seeing this, I started to walk so I could get closer. Typical, I only walked a couple of steps, and saw her fly off, high over the tree’s heading towards the airport. So here are my best photos of this male Cuckoo…

IMG_6358 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6364

Been noticing these Mining Bee holes all over the place. Unlike most of the other holes, which are just level holes in the paths. This Bee obviously likes making a mole style mound of earth. So I decided to sit on the grass and watch which Mining Bee was making them. It took about 5 minutes before this Tawny Mining Bee flew in and landed on top of the mound. It went directly into the hole and stayed there for about 2 minutes. I was trying to photograph it coming out the hole, but it was too quick. It did land nearby, and rested so I got the photo of the Bee and its actual Hole but not in the same photo…

IMG_6371 IMG_6372

I think this maybe a Wasp Gall, but is it me..or does it look like a Crocodile Eye…


Not a great photo, but its my first Swallow taken on HC this year…


7-Spot Ladybird…


This next species is one of those I would like to see a lot more of. Not the Caterpillar…But the Adult Drinker Moth. I have only ever seen one Drinker Moth, but I find their Caterpillars most years…


When your Young and in Love comes to mind with these 2 Hoverflies.  I was correct yesterday thinking these Eristalis pertinax were hairy under their wings. Turns out they can either have hairs or not…



I managed a better photo of 2 Whirligig Beetles today. At least I can make them out now. But I still want a closer and better photo…



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