After a beautiful Saturday, today’s visit was a cold and grey affair. Which makes finding the wildlife that much harder.

This Mistle Thrush seemed interested in something in the grass…


Decided with the cool conditions, I would do a Bloody-nosed Beetle count. Total 73, with 15 Pairs…

IMG_6424 IMG_6433

Also noticed with the cooler conditions, the Tawny Mining Bee’s decided to close their front doors…

IMG_6426 IMG_6432

This is the second ever Ruby Tiger caterpillar I have found. But this one was a little smaller. Also it never moved. So I only got this angle…


Quite a few Willow Warblers on HC now…


A bit of sad news, This Long-tailed Tits nest has been destroyed. Feathers everywhere from inside the nest. This pair decided to build their nest only feet away from where I had seen the Stoat hunting a few weeks ago…


Trying to identify  another tree for myself today, just so I can learn what wildlife I’m likely to see on it. As soon as I know ID I will update…

IMG_6444 IMG_6428 IMG_6429 IMG_6430

I did Identify this little rush. Its a Field Wood-Rush (Luzula campestris). Loads of info on the internet..how to get rid of this plant if its in your lawn. But for me, it looks quite a nice plant, and looks at home in the heathland grass…


I’m afraid it looks like there is one less Pheasant on the Common. But I would rather it feed other Wildlife, than someone with a gun shooting it for fun…


Tree Pipit singing…

IMG_6419 IMG_6421

Decided to have a walk up Camp Hill Lane. It looks to me, that you put your life in danger from Bad handicapped Golfers. These Golf balls were actually on Highgate Common side of the road…FORE!!! LOL!

IMG_6436 IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6439

Update:- Including this dark version photographed today. All the Pugs I’ve seen lately are all Brindled Pugs. So scratch the Mottled Pug observation. Luckily I had not reported on any survey about the Mottled Pug. Obviously I have loads to learn about Pugs. But just take a look at the bottom Collage to see how hard it is. Like I say…All 5 Brindled Pugs….

IMG_6423 IMG_6447


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