Frosty start. turned into a beautiful day!

Not much time tonight to describe everything. So mainly I’ll just name the wildlife.

Hebrew Character…


Loads of Eriocraniidae round the Island Pond this morning…

IMG_6453 IMG_6461 IMG_6462

This Mothfly (Psychdidae) is only about 3-5mm long. Although tiny, its quite a beautiful little thing..


Green Bottle Fly…


Pair of distant Bullfinches…


The Bilberry was full of Bee’s this morning…


As I took the above Mining Bee on the Bilberry, a Tree Pipit landed in a nearby tree, and began to sing…


This is the Long-tailed Tits nest, or whats left of it. What my photos don’t show well, is how the back of the nest as totally gone…

IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6459Blackcap…


Willow Warbler fly catching. And Yes it did catch this fly…


Been seeing a lot of Mistle Thrushes just lately. Did not see this one for long though…


Great Battle above Highgate Common today, between a Carrion Crow and a Buzzard. The Carrion Crow just kept swooping at the Buzzard, it must of really irritated this Buzzard, because at one stage it really lost its head…

IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6478


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