Another Beautiful Day on Highgate Common.

Really felt lucky today finding this Pine Beauty. It was only a foot off the floor, and although these photo’s make it look an easy find, with its lovely colours. Believe me it was really well camouflaged. I would say this is one of the nicest moths I’ve ever seen…

IMG_6488 IMG_6484

There was another Hebrew Character, but this time a lighter version to the one I found yesterday. Both moths were under the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust – Wardens Office Lights…


Not sure how this Nursery Web Spider got itself into this position. But I’ve been trying to work out how its bent its one leg into that shape…


My Bird Year List for Highgate Common went up today. It now stands at 59. It jumped from 57 because I forgot to add the Cuckoo the other day. Number 59 was a Garden Warbler. Two strange photos. The first I only thought it was walking across the branch with my naked eye. But obviously at times they must hop along the branches. The second photo it just stared at me. I have at least 20 photos exactly the same…where it never moved…just stared at me…

IMG_6491 IMG_6496

Being warmer early morning the Dawn Chorus was in full swing. This Robin and Willow Warbler look like they were taking it in turns singing…

IMG_6492 IMG_6493

Been seeing all the resident birds already feeding young. But the migrants like this Willow Warbler are only just building their nests. Must say there are large numbers of Willow Warbler this year on The Common…

IMG_6494 IMG_6495



Long-tailed Tits…

IMG_6498 IMG_6499

This is the first Wasp I’ve seen this year. Feeding on the Bilberry. Have bad memories of Wasps, and I would rather avoid them. I disturbed a Wasp nest when I was a child, and got stung on my legs hundreds of times. I will never disturb a Wasp nest ever again….



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