Another sunny day, but I thought a bit cooler. There was also a good breeze at times.

With the early weeks weather forecast for today, being slightly wrong. I still thought there was a good chance of good Butterfly numbers. Also there seemed to be good reports from other parts of the region of things like Green Hairstreak and Holly Blue. But unfortunately other than about 6 Peacock and 1 Green-veined White, thats all I saw today.

As usual checked out Wardens Office lights for moths. Nothing new, but there was a Water Carpet, and yet another Brindled Pug…

IMG_6510 IMG_6501

At last got a photo of a Highgate Common Rabbit. To add to my Mammal List of photos…


Counted 14 Willow Warbler singing…


Song Thrush were up the Heathland Corridor…

IMG_6504 IMG_6505

Another Green-veined White, gave me a photo opportunity…


Took a photo of the other species of Nomad Bee today. Seen both of these this year now. Todays was the Nomad lathburiana. This one’s got Yellow Spots. The other is called Nomad leucophthalma, with Red Spots (see collage of both)…

IMG_6511 IMG_6514

Tree Pipit…



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